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Eco-friendly Recycled Pallets in Mississauga and Surrounding GTA

Olde Tyme Pallets is a leading provider of high-quality used and recycled pallets in Mississauga. We specialize in procuring, refurbishing, and distributing pallets that meet the stringent standards of today's diverse industries. Our approach combines advanced recycling techniques with meticulous quality checks, ensuring that each pallet delivered from our facility is robust and environmentally responsible.

We offer the ideal wooden pallets to guarantee the secure delivery of your products. We also provide tailored solutions, streamlining your shipping process and minimizing the reliance on additional packaging materials. We ensure prompt delivery and offer same-day services throughout the GTA. Contact us or complete our online form for additional inquiries about our recycled pallets in Mississauga.

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Why Use Recycled Pallets in Mississauga

Using recycled pallets offers many benefits for businesses, the environment, and society. Here are some compelling reasons why opting for recycled pallets is a wise decision:


  • Economic savings: Recycled pallets typically come at a lower cost than new ones due to the reduced material and production expenses. This offers companies a cost-efficient alternative without compromising on quality. Over time, these savings can substantially impact a company's bottom line.

  • Environmental benefits: Every recycled pallet reduces the demand for new timber. This conservation effort helps maintain forest health, preserves habitats, and sustains the biodiversity of our planet. Using recycled pallets means fewer discarded wooden items, ensuring that our waste management systems are less strained.

  • Less carbon footprint: Recycling generally requires less energy compared to producing new items. Thus, the carbon emissions associated with refurbishing pallets are lower than those linked to creating new ones.

  • Supply chain efficiency: Engaging with a singular provider for both the procurement of recycled pallets and the disposal of used ones can simplify logistics, ensuring a smoother flow of goods and services within a business.

  • Sustainability image: Modern consumers are increasingly aware of environmental concerns. Companies that use and promote recycled materials present themselves as responsible and environmentally conscious, often leading to enhanced brand loyalty and trust.

  • Reduced contamination risk: Properly refurbished pallets undergo treatments that can make them resistant to pests, fungi, and decay. As such, they can sometimes offer a cleaner, safer transport solution than new pallets that haven't undergone similar treatments.

  • Regulatory compliance: Incorporating recycled materials into their operations allows businesses to stay ahead of potential mandates and position themselves as leaders in sustainable practices.


Our extensive stock of recycled pallets comes in various standard sizes, ready to cater to your specific pallet requirements. Should you need pallets of unique dimensions or designs, we can produce customized pallets crafted to your specifications. Contact us today!

Why Choose Olde Tyme Pallets

We provide an expansive array of pallet services and products at Olde Tyme Pallets. Accredited by The Canadian Wood Pallet and Container Association, we ensure our pallets meet the most rigorous standards. We consistently maintain a comprehensive inventory of pallets, ensuring prompt delivery for orders, regardless of volume. We also buy back unused pallets at competitive rates, helping you declutter your storage area and safeguarding your pallet pool from potential theft or harm. 

Upcycling Versus Recycling Pallets

Recycling and upcycling are two distinct yet equally vital approaches to managing pallets at the end of their lifecycle. While recycling involves breaking down materials to create new ones, upcycling takes a more creative route by repurposing old pallets into new and innovative products. Olde Tyme Pallets combines both methods to offer a comprehensive and sustainable solution.

By recycling pallets, we ensure that the materials are drawn from landfills, reducing the environmental impact of waste. Through efficient recycling processes, Olde Tyme Pallets transforms discarded pallets into raw materials for new pallets or other wood-based products, contributing to the circular economy.

On the other hand, upcycling adds a touch of creativity to the sustainability mix. Old pallets are not just discarded but transformed into unique and functional items. From trendy furniture pieces to stylish garden planters, the possibilities are endless. We at Olde Tyme Pallets collaborate with local artisans and craftsmen to breathe new life into these wooden pallets, showcasing the artistic potential hidden within what might have been considered waste.

Creative Ways Old Pallets Are Used for New Products

In Mississauga, Olde Tyme Pallets has inspired the community by creatively reimagining pallets. Local businesses and individuals alike have embraced incorporating recycled pallets into their projects. Pallets' sturdy and versatile nature makes them ideal for crafting unique furniture, wall art, and outdoor installations.

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond recycling – it's about fostering a culture of innovation. Imagine a chic coffee table crafted from disassembled pallets or a rustic headboard that tells a story of repurposed materials. These inventive products not only add to spaces but also to the reduction of new wood consumption.

Olde Tyme Pallets in Mississauga is not just a pallet recycling company; it's a hub of sustainable practices and creative exploration. We minimize its environmental footprint by combining the best of recycling and upcycling. Contact us today for our reliable services!

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Your Source for Recycled Pallets in Mississauga

We have you covered whether you need recycled pallets or pickup for your wooden pallets!

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