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Quality Wooden and Recycled Pallets


We deliver good-quality, durable and environmentally friendly pallets without any delay.

Reliable and Professional Wood Pallets Supplier in the GTA

Olde Tyme Pallets in Mississauga provides high-quality, durable and environmentally friendly wooden pallets to protect your stored goods in transport. As the goods are handled or moved around on conveyors and forklifts, the pallets need to be durable and well-made. If you have a company that does transportation or storage of goods, wooden pallets are essential for your business. 

While going about your business, you can also choose to be eco-friendly by choosing a supplier that cares for the environment. We are wood pallet suppliers that the Mississauga community relies upon. We at Olde Tyme Pallets, invite your company to “go green” – at no extra effort and expense on your part. We do the work; you get the marketing benefits!


We provide the right wooden pallets and ensure that your products reach the destination safely. Customized solutions are also available at Olde Tyme Pallets, making shipping more manageable and reducing the need to use other packaging materials.


Services We Offer in Mississauga and Surrounding Areas


Pallet Repairs: Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology and skilled workforce, we can fix your broken wood pallets and make them new again.


Pallet Sales: We manufacture wood pallets of varying sizes, so if you're ever looking to buy pallets, just give us a call & we'll help you out.


Reconditioned Pallets: As your trusted wood pallets supplier in Mississauga, we deal in reconditioned pallets of high quality. Our team puts keen attention into the reconditioning process, so rest assured that the pallets you receive will be as good as new but a lot more affordable.


Unwanted Pallet Removal: You can count on us when looking to get rid of unwanted pallets in Mississauga.

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Same-Day Service

Olde Tyme Pallets offers quick delivery and same-day service within the GTA. Contact us today to place an order or have your used pallets picked up for recycling. Fill in the online form if you have further questions regarding our wood pallets supply service in Mississauga.


Get in Touch

Are you looking for a reliable wood pallets supplier in Mississauga? If yes, then you have landed at the right place because Olde Tyme Pallets deals in a wide variety of wood pallets to match your needs. Being the trusted wood pallets supplier in Mississauga, Olde Tyme Pallets strives to deliver quality pallets that match the needs and demands of our customers.

Call Olde Tyme Pallets, your wooden pallets supplier in Mississauga, for any additional questions!

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Looking for Good Quality Pallets?

We are the professional to call for fresh or refurbished pallets.


Want To Know More About Products & Services? 

We supply a wide variety of wood pallets of varying sizes in Mississauga.

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